Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here we go again....

So I wonder how long it takes most people to get their blog up and rolling?? I am hoping that it takes most people several tries. Because to be honest this has been the biggest pain in my tookus that I have ever dealt with. I totally have a block when it comes to certain things and apparently html coding is one of those things. I just don't get it. Oh well, I have decided to leave the coding to the professionals. So here I am blogging again. Finally! I have thought and pondered what kind of blog to start. There are recipe blogs that I love. I just love reading the tidbits over at Tip Junkie, I adore MckMama and her MSC, we keep up with Kelly and Harper everyday at PGA. I just couldn't decide where to go with this blog. Several of the girls at church keep their families updated through their blogs. I really couldn't find a path. Finally, I decided that was it, there isn't a method to my madness in anything else I do so why pin myself down to one thing. Here is where I will lay it all down. Where I will "expose my soul"! Where I will force readers to be apart of my rants and review. I will subject you to photos of my 3 beautiful children and stories about every little thing they do. So here I am tap tap taping away on my laptop. Remember keep your feet and hands inside the car at all times, enjoy the ride....


  1. Hola! Welcome to blogging and hope you have a good time. I've been blogging on various topics at:


    Best of luck - blogging can be hard!

  2. But I like sticking my head out of the car and letting the wind blow my ear---No wait! That's the dog. Never mind.

  3. Look at you becoming a for real blogger with background, mastheads and all that stuff. I'm so impressed! :)