Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bill, Barb, Nikki and Margie Marry me!!!

I love the show Big Love. Bill Paxton is WONDERFUL. (Now I know that this is not a true representation of the Mormon Church. I have very close friends that are members of the Mormon Church so yes, Mom Trevino I know that isn't how it really is. But I love this show.) For those of you who don't have HBO I will give a brief summary of the show. It is based on Bill and Barb who are married and sealed in the temple. Bill grew up on the compound of Juniper Creek (picture Warren Jeffs and his followers) so after they were married they decided that living "the principle" is what they wanted for their family. They married Nikki who is the daughter of the prophet and Margene. Bill has three houses right next door to each other and they share a backyard. All 3 women have children by Bill. All kinds of craziness goes on. Most of it surrounds Nikki and all the fruits on the compound. I LOVE IT! I am almost convinced that I would love to have sister wives. I mean 3 best friends living together taking care of their children. It couldn't be better! LOL


  1. I am so going to have to watch this when I get a chance.

  2. Um, you SO would not share a boy well...I'm just sayin'. You my friend need a commune where you each have your own boy but still "live together" and take care of each others children...again I'm just sayin'. :)