Monday, January 9, 2012

Come to think of it...

When I started this blog I named it "My cup Runneth Over" after a line from a movie I love. (Hope Floats) Now after all this time come to think of it my cup is over flowing every day with the blessings God pours down on me.

Over the last year I have had an "awakening" of sorts spiritually. I am in a whole new place in my life and can see how I am blessed by the Father though I have done nothing to deserve his mercy and grace.

I know I don't count my blessings near enough. So what was typically a "Not Me Monday" in the past will now become a "Cupful Monday". Mondays are so typically the day of the week that everyone least look forward to let's change it and thank God for the blessing of another week.

So here are today are my blessings of the week:

1. So blessed to have found an opportunity to serve a family in our church. I have looked and looked for my "place" in our congregation. To not just be a "Backrow Member" who shows up but doesn't give. Wednesday will start a new adventure with 3 beautiful little boys who make my heart swoon with their smiles. Best part is Frick, Frack and Pudge will be blessed by these three and their family!

2. So blessed to have my wondeful husband at home with me and Pudge today. (Have I mentioned that Pudge isn't so much a Pudge anymore and may have to come up with a better blog name for her...Firecracker maybe) It's a blessing to have some time just with him. Pudge goes on autopilot and then he and I can just chat. Nothing Earth shaking but just appreciate each other.

3. This morning I was just blessed to wake up and feel refreshed and able to get Frick and Frack to school at 7:30. Which may not seem like a lot to the rest of you but for me is a MAJOR accomplishment. ((It's sad when part of your consideration of homeschool is purely selfish because it would mean we could start our school day at 9.

4. I am blessed to have good friends to celebrate with today. Well, we are hoping it is a celebration! God is so good to provide families we can all be close to!

So now it's your turn! What has God blessed you with this week? Join this Blog Carnival. Link your page here so we can all rejoice for what is going on in your life this week! I can't wait to see it!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something's going on in here...

Read the Bible in 90 days. I have heard several people discuss this but didn't think much about it. I got an invite from a friend on Facebook. I didn't pay it much attention until she commented that it was beginning on July 11th. I went on over and read her info and then was directed to the website for the organization. Something stirred in my heart. I haven't ever just sat and read the Bible. I have purchased countless devotionals over the years. I had good intentions but just never did anything with them. I have agreed to be apart of Bible studies but something always came up. So Monday came and it was on my mind all day. But I never picked up my kindle or my "real" Bible. Well with this program you have a mentor who keeps you accountable. You have to check in every Monday. So when she didn't hear from me by Tuesday morning I got an email. "Just wanting to check in with you..." (God gently tapping my on the shoulder....BECKY I have something for you...) God is working in my life like never before...or I never paid attention before. Things are happening...please pray for me and for my family as these things happen....I feel something big is going on in here....

Monday, April 18, 2011

A long time coming...

So, two years ago I sat down to create a blog to journal the events of my little family. If you look back you can see I did a whole lot of that. I like sitting and writing stream of consciousness style and letting it all pour out on "paper". When I had this great idea to start a blog I had SO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS, I just knew I could write down all the little funny moments or my inner most thoughts about being a Mom and wife.
Well, turns out life and my little family were racing. Doing this or that so busy that most days were just a blur. Some how I thought all those action packed days meant so much to all of us. We just HAD to do all these things and keep up with what everyone else was doing or I just wasn't measuring up. I was letting everyone kids, my husband, my friends, my parents, myself...and My God.
I know in just typing those last two words I might have lost some of you. I know a lot of people are turned off by "Christian things", Jesus freaks or Religious nuts. I know I am. I personally am not one to hang my spiritual life "out there" for all to see. I don't know has always been a pretty personal thing. I only discuss my beliefs with the my dearest friends. I don't know why but I feel like discussing it makes it seem boastful or as if I am patting myself on the back saying see how righteous I am. I'm not...I'm a sinner...a horrible despicable sinner. Who has come to a point in my life where I am broken. I realize maybe it's time to start talking...I am on a journey. But I am getting ahead of myself...too far to fast....Back to what I was saying about my little blog.
When I first sat down to blog I didn't know exactly what I was writing about...I am not a master cook, I am not a couponing sensation, I don't have an ill child, and I am by no means a Martha Stewart wanna be. I wanted to write about my family. I ADORE my kids, my husband, my brothers and sisters and their kids and My Momma. Like I said though who had the time...Not me...I was too busy being EVERYTHING TO EVERYBODY.
"How do you do it? With your little ones and all that you do??" Well I didn't do it folks! I am a miserable failure. My kids were harassed, my husband was neglected and I was an emotional WRECK! I have been walking a fine line for a while. And God suddenly brought it all crashing down. In one afternoon my life was completely demolished all by my own doing. Make no mistake! I was falling apart sure that admitting to everyone what a failure I was would leave me alone. As I sat before my husband and began to tell him how I just couldn't hold it together another second I knew he was going to pick up and leave. Instead after digesting it all as I lay trembling waiting for the worst he wrapped his arms around me and told me he was here through thick and thin. It took 10 years of marriage for me to fully understand the love of the wonderful man God had given me. How sad is that? Here I had said countless times how I could see all the little things that lead me to him. Where God's grace was leading me to the man he had chosen for me but never fully understood what a gift God had presented to me. Now God in the face of a personal/spiritual break down has granted me another gift. One that I have been too blind to appreciate. I am for the first time in my life slowing down...I am now at home as a wife and mom. Slowing down as much as a Mom of three kids can slow down. In the midst of my semi midlife crisis God has granted me a second chance. Time to love my kids and my husband and to love God.
I have always been on the cusp...longed for this personal understanding this friendship with God. I am moved, I am convicted but never been able to go further than that...When I am broken and convicted I haven't been able to do anything because life has been in my way. Well, God has gotten it out of my way. I long for more.

As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longeth after thee
You alone are my hearts desire
And I long to worship thee

So this is what my little blog will journey to renew my life. More tomorrow....

Friday, February 4, 2011

I am trying to be a good stewart

I am trying to coupon and save money and only pay $4 for $200 worth of groceries...I like this blog...if you are starting our try'll like it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot fun in the Summer time....

So as you all know my kids are involved in whatever passes across our paths. Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, church production and now swim team. Which I thought would be great. Gabe had lessons when he was 5 and Abby is self taught. But they are both self motivated so I knew they would be fine. As a matter of fact when I signed them up they told me it was the best way for them to learn to swim. So we started with our first meet on June 3rd. Gabe did well, he came in 3rd in his heat but Abby was terrified of how large the pool was and how deep (5 1/2 feet). Now mind you we had to beat her to keep her out of the 8 foot diving well last Summer. So last Wednesday she had to have a "swim buddy" help her in the pool and hold on her until she knew she was going to be able to touch. Our team (Sherwood Park Sharks) won the meet last week by 101 points! This week we swam against the Lily Flagg Cows (LOL) I had been giving Abby pep talks since last Wednesday hoping she would be able to go by herself. She swims against 4,5, and 6 year olds and she was the only one that had a swim buddy. Tuesday I took her to swim practice and she worked out with her kick board and when it came time to practice her dive in she stood and watched everyone and finally told her coach, "I know that it is silly, but I am afraid I will drown if I dive in here in this deep water." So he explained she was going to have to do it. But he didn't break her and I didn't say anything. On the way home she informed me that next Summer she doesn't want to be on swim team. I felt horrible I wanted her to enjoy it so much.

So this week we prepared for our meet. I bought posters and one of the girls at worked worked with Abby and Gabe and they were terrific! Abby was very excited to go. She loves the team suit and wearing a swim cap...but I think it may also have to do with the concessions and the bake sale that we have at all of our home meets.

I missed their warm up and when Abby come to dry off she said that she had swam by herself but I wasn't sure, and I didn't know if she had inched herself down the ropes or what. So we got our supper and sat down to wait on our events to be called (13, 22, and 88! it was a LONG night)We watched our buddy Harrison fly with his amazing backstroke and then we all waited for Abby's event. (a quick back story there are 140 kids that swim on our team but we have a clique of 6 kids that have played baseball/soccer with us. So we have a cheer squad of at anyone time of at least 12 adult members and 3 younger sibling strong.) They lined up the little girls and our little cheer squad got into position. I could see Abby trying to get some adult's attention and they were dismissing her and telling her to get ready. Finally SOMEONE listened and I could see them making concessions for her. They blew the warning whistle and she slid into the pool in the dreaded "deep end" ALONE. Then they shot the starting gun and they were off...there she went as hard as her little body would carry her ALONE in the DEEP WATER. For the whole 25 meters! She did it! (She would tell you she did have to rest on the ropes 2 times) She did it! All by herself!! All of us adults were going BANANAS! You would have thought Michael Phelps himself was swimming the last lap of his 400m IM! We were on our knees screaming "GO ABBY! SWIM!! YOUR DOING IT" I yanked her out of the water when she touched the wall and soaked myself as I squeezed the life out of her! I was so proud of her I could have bust and she was smiling and panting! You could just see how proud she was. All of our friends surrounded her and hugged her and high fived her! It was amazing! She came in 5th place which is 1 place improvement from last week!

Now not to leave out my oldest I want you to know that he has been a fish since he was born. He has always, always loved to swim. Swimming is Gabe's thing! It is all him. He loves it. He has improved since last week as well. He came in third last week in his 8 and under 25 meter freestyle. He was fast but he wasn't sure of himself. This week he was ready! He knew what was going on and he was helping his buddies so they were where they needed to be. He was entered in 25m freestyle and a 100m freestyle relay. It clicked this week for him and he flew! He was several strokes in the lead until the end and he slowed as his stamina gave way and the other little boy pulled ahead. But he improved his time and improved with a second place finish.

I love Summer! Swim team is fun even if the meets do last forever!! I couldn't have had a better time than I did last night. Good friends, wet kids and lots of excitement! I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My friend Hillary over at Other Mother posted about the show Miss O put on for the masses yesterday. I have to admit that I haven't kept up with Oprah in the last I don't know almost 10 years. But I do catch tidbits via the MamMaw. But apparently yesterday Oprah had Moms on. Moms telling their dirty secrets. I am sure that Oprah finds the brutal honesty of a Mom shocking and funny. I am sure that as some watched they tisked tisked everything these Moms told. But being a Mom isn't for the faint of heart. It is kinda like the old Army commercial "I do more before 6am than you do all day." Well, let me tell you that is the truth. There are lots of us out there "being all we can be". And we don't get to play in cool camo and have someone pat us on the back and thank us for serving our country.

I mean honestly that is what we are doing. It is a Mom that can make or break this world. Hello if Norman Bates' mother had taken good care of him maybe there would have never been that crazy shower seen. Sybil was all of who she was because.....of her Mother! See if we don't do our jobs right the world will seriously go right down the drain. The hand that rocks the cradle and all you know....

No,really hug a Mom today. They deserve it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Over on the Frozen Tundra MckMama has "Not Me Mondays" every week. I love them...It is a time to be brutally honest with everyone and clear the air. Start the week out right and let you know all the things I most certainly didn't do last here are todays "Not Me's"

I most certainly didn't forget to give Pudge her daily dose of maintenance antibiotics for at least 4 days straight so now she was whiny and pitiful this morning because her ears are hurting her again. I would never do such a thing I keep meds right on schedule!

I didn't leave my darling husband all days Saturday to do the mountain of laundry in our house and take care of Frick, Frack and Pudge on a rainy Saturday while I ran errands that had really nothing to do with my family. Only to come home and announce I wasn't cooking supper that we could grab something and go to the MIL's so that I could use her sewing machine. Then again leaving him to deal with all three in a house that really has nothing for them to do...I would never I am a terrific wife and always consider my husband and what his wants and needs.

I also didn't leave him with the same mountain of laundry yesterday after church while Pudge and I took a 3 hour nap. No not me...I do laundry every evening and keep it up so that there isn't a back up. There are not 5 baskets of clean laundry just waiting to be put away!

Okay there we go, now do you have the courage to be brutally honest???